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Edited: Erratic pointer

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    Edited: Erratic pointer

    intermittent problem

    pointer jumps to the task bar. Sometimes is waits a few seconds before it jumps to the task bar....just long enough to lure me into thinking its done. Then it resumes.

    Its not trying to point me to anything in particular. When I just sit back and watch it, the pointer will shift back and forth between several taskbar icons.


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    What kind of interface device are you using, mouse, touch pad, touch screen?
    When the pointer goes back to the task bar does it always follow the same path, or does it move until it hits an edge and then follow along the edge?
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    HP 2120 laptop
    I use the touch pad but it is equipped with a touch screen, as well.
    pointer always jumps to just below one of the icon in the lower right (task bar). below the icon...not actually on it.
    I though it might be getting some input from the touchscreen but I cannot confirm.
    When I press HARD on the bezel around the screen, there is no input.
    when I press on the screen itself, I get a bulls-eye graphic that indicates I have activated a touch screen input.
    When the pointer jumps to the task bar...there is no bulls-eye....potentially indicating that there is no indication of the screen thinking it has been "touched".
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    You could try going into device manager, right clicking on each of your pointing devices and then selecting "disable" to see if disabling one or the other stops the erratic pointer. You can just right click to enable them again.
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Edited: Erratic pointer
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