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Continuous Beeping and Laggy Mouse

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    Win 10


    As other people here, I created the account just to help you guys find a proper solution for this problem.
    My sister had the same problem on her Asus laptop. She is not a gamer as most people here. She therefore doesn't have a Razer mouse or softwares like Hamachii or TS. She does however play the Xbox game Asphalt 8, on the windows game store on her computer about one hour per day.

    Her specs are:
    Win 8.1 64 bit
    Intel core i5 2.40 ghz
    8 GB RAM
    Nvidia Geforce Driver (not sure which one)

    She had no mouse connected to her laptop when the problem occurred. I therefor ruled out the USB issue.
    She mainly uses her touchpad, but the problem was the same as the examples where there was a mouse attached.
    7 beeps, laggy mouse and not able to click anything.

    I first tried to disable and enable her touchpad - no luck
    Then I tried to check if her drivers were updated, they all were.
    I then tried to connect a mice to a USB port, but the problem persisted.
    Tried to analyze the problem by figuring out what BIOS Beep code it could be. Beeps 7 times, that means CPU exception.
    Looked into that a bit, and figured I'd save those options as last chance,

    I then tried to open the device manager and uninstalled the default ASUS touchpad driver and restart the computer as Pepanee suggested.
    That worked. Her touchpad is now fully functional.

    She hasn't experienced flash on the screen as evergap experienced.

    I qouted the fix written by Pepanee, so you don't have to read all the posts again. But as others have pointed out, the causes are different, so the solutions could be too.

    Quote Originally Posted by pepanee View Post
    (edit, I didn't read the whole thread, yet if you haven't tried this, try it out):

    Try this:
    First, close all important programs and save all things you have open, then
    Search for and open Device Manager -> Mice and other pointing devices -> and delete everything there.
    1) If your mouse no longer works, wait like 30 seconds and see if it works again. If it does work, see if the problem is gone.
    2) If your mouse no longer works, and waiting doesn't do anything, then restart your computer through your keyboard, (if you know how to). If not, just manually turn it off and on again. After Windows loads, see if the problem is gone.
    3) If it still makes noise, I hope someone smarter than me can help you out =)

    Good luck

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    Windows 10

    My problem is created by the xbox one wireless controller. Starts too beep the first time i press a mousebutton, after the controller is shut down.

    My specs are:
    Win 10
    I7 4770k
    ASrock z87
    Corsair dominator 32Gb
    Nividia Geforce GTX 780
    Steelseries apex 300 keyboard
    Steelseries sensei and seinsei raw mouse
    Steelseries h wireless headset
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    win 7 64bit

    I actually got this similar problem just minutes ago. I have an MSi GP60 2QF leopard pro laptop with an Nvidia 950M. Early this week I got BSOD when attempting to put laptop to sleep (Nvidia has yet to fix this)

    What I did to fix this was to disconnect all USBs and then when I disconnected the DC jack it started working again. The keyboard was working.
    I'm not sure if this is an Nvidia issue, surge protector, or AC adapter issue. I usually leave things connected.
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    Windows 7

    I had to register here just to post this because I had exactly the same issue as the OP had, kept hearing beeping from speakers whenever I moved the mouse and the movement was choppy etc.
    I re-connected my USB keyboard (I accidentally thought it was the USB mouse cable) and the mouse beeping went away, but then my keyboard stopped working and lit all the 3 lights (caps lock, num lock, etc).
    So I restarted PC and keyboard kept showing the 3 lights and no button worked.
    Then I re-connected keyboard to different USB and it started to work fine again. I plugged the mouse in to the old keyboard USB slot and mouse didn't work (didn't get any beeping either). Then I connected the mouse to another unused USB port and it worked again..
    now anything I plug in to the old keyboard USB slot doesn't work for some reason..

    Baffles me because the problem was beeping mouse, not keyboard
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Continuous Beeping and Laggy Mouse
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