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Remove Restricted Fonts? (Word 2007)

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    Remove Restricted Fonts? (Word 2007)

    There are days I wish I never heard of Windows. This has been a week of them. I'm glad I don't own a gun, or all I'd have turned my computer into a tiny scrapyard.

    To begin with, all I wanted to do was to run SFC/Scannow (inside Windows [8.1x64])
    That didn't work.
    Then I tried running it at boot up.
    That wouldn't even try (and yes. I read maybe half a dozen different posts on how to do that. Still no dice)
    In the process, of hair pulling, I somehow managed to do an unintentional "Refresh."
    Worst mistake I've made this past two years.
    Days later, I'm still trying to clean up the mess.
    After Windows finally decided to stop reinstalling its updates (over and over—ALL of them—each time I restarted the computer) I finally got back into Word—which then insisted upon freshly reconfiguring itself every time I started it. Having, finally, figured that out, I now find myself with a document that will not allow edits (or even a renaming) owing to the presence of "restricted fonts." A user must either remove the supposedly offending fonts or suck it up!

    Now, I know what that problem is. I'd run into it before (in one of many, maaaany reloads) some years ago. The document contains four specialist fonts which, my having dutifully purchased them, required re-installing into the Windows Fonts folder. An easy oversight; so I installed the four fonts (in all their variations: bold, italic, etc.) and restarted Word. Even yet, Windows insists upon telling me that there are still some restricted fonts in the file. As I'm the only person ever to work on the document I'm quite certain there aren't; but there you are. Still, in the spirit of a however remote possibility that I could be mistaken, I had hoped Windows would possess some means of telling me which font is/are the problem? But no.

    The last time this happened and then, too, after days of hair-pulling, I got somehow round it; but, over the years I've forgotten how. (I recall it's being a gruesomely imaginative affair.) This time, I thought I found a new answer, through the Compare Documents feature, so:

    1. Being careful NOT to afterwards save the document, I bit the bullet and clicked on "Remove Restricted Fonts." Then,
    2. I saved the document under a new name.
    2a. (being, as I said, careful not to have saved it, I closed the original document, so it remained unchanged.) Then,
    3. using the Review/Compare/Compare Documents feature to compare the two versions I fully expected Word to show me which font/s had changed—but again, no.

    The Compare Documents concluded that the two documents—one, uneditable owing to the presence of "restricted fonts" and one, completely editable, (no restricted fonts)—contained "no differences"!

    A four-hundred page 150,000 word manuscript, I've been laboriously through it TWICE (more) now, searching for some small change in the text so I can figure out what (Word thinks) is wrong; but my eyes (too) can discern no difference whatsoever. That, however, will be of no use to me when the printer returns the file to me because it hasn't printed properly.

    Am I furious? You bet'cha.

    Can anyone out there tell me how I can regain the capacity to edit my document?

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    Maybe you can use the Macro Or VB code mentioned in this thread to list the fonts contained in the document?

    List fonts used in a particular document - Microsoft Community
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    I've so far not been able to comprehend what a Macro is or how to use one. As for "VB Code," I suppose that that means "visual basic," but which admission should tell you all I know about that too.

    I think it says a lot about Microsoft products, that a user must some times go outside a given program, to learn other programs, just to be able to use one of its programs.
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    I played with the macros shown a bit and could not get any of them to work right.

    Seems like this should be built in.

    Edit: You might have more success posting in a Office forum, maybe one here: Microsoft Office Forums - Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project
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Remove Restricted Fonts? (Word 2007)
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