I have recently purchased one of these, I use it for WebDev and Gaming.

It's excellent, yet only comes with a 1TB HDD, so I wanted to upgrade.

I bought this SSD, and used this software to clone the drive. It cloned happily, but when I swapped out the hard drive for it, it'll only boot into an error- this one.

Click image for larger version

At first the BIOS wouldn't even recognize the SSD, but after a reset, it did.

What I know:

- Lead/Sata cable is fine
- Installation is fine
- Apparently it was successfully cloned

According to the interwebs and Samsung, it should work.

Can I fix it?- I can't even re-clone as the SSD (When connected via a SATA-to-USB cable, comes up as a couple of partitions, which the software won't recognize as a Samsung SSD.

Would appreciate any help!