My onedrive seems to be stuck somehow with syncing. It all happened when I used Acronis to roll back to a backup that was about 1.5 months old. I found it curious that Acronis failed to actually put everything back the way it exactly was! For one thing my Onedrive was back on the C: (when infact at that time I had it on the D, I put it back to the D: and tried ticking various folders to sync toggling which ones to sync on and off etc, but to no avail.

Now my settings are set for All Files and Folders yet for days it looks like its working away in the system tray saying stuff like 'downloading 47.9mb of 47.9mb 2 files remaining'.

I have noticed this value changes all the time, and sometimes makes little sense, for example i once saw it say 'downloading 84.3mb of 81.9mb 2 files remaining'... how is that even possible, to have a higher value first O.o

Always it says 2 files remaining.

So yeh, it wasn't like this before I did the acronis roll back, it would sync then look like its not syncing (when it has nothing to sync) in the system tray, now it always looks like its syncing, whereby I don't actually think it is.

So how to resolve this? Any advice?

PS I'm still win 8.0