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Windows 8 PC settings Issue

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    Windows 8 PC settings Issue

    Hi I'm new here, and I just gotten the windows 8 last month, but for some reason this started happening to to the PC settings in the metro UI, and it affects all of my apps, literally once I try to open up any apps *not installed programs those are working just fine* it shows me this message.

    Click image for larger version
    and also I've tried refreshing the system as indicated on the guide, but all it does simply reboots the computer and after reboot, it's still the same thing, now this thing really bugs me and it is kinda annoying.

    So If anyone could help me out with this, or simply point me to the right direction with instructions on how to fix it, it would be much appreciated.

    Please and Thank You

    P.S. Complete wipe out / default re-install is not an option because I would loose all the files in my machine that I normally use for business, and ATM I don't have anyway of backing up my files.

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    Hello SheWasntThere, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    For now, you might see if going through the listed items in the tutorial below may be able to help with this.

    Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8
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Windows 8 PC settings Issue
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