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Backing up to the cloud

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    Backing up to the cloud

    Hi everyone. This may be a stupid question but instead of making recovery discs to backup your computer, is it possble to do the same thing in the cloud?

    Thanks in advance

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    My question is WHY would you want to do that?

    Using recovery disks implies that the PC is not actually running an OS at the time you are trying to recover it, and since you need to be connected to the Internet to recover from a cloud, I don't see how that is even going to work.

    Given the relative cheapness of large USB sticks these days (64GB+), I think a better approach would be to put the recovery stuff on a USB stick, thus preventing requiring network access to recover your PC.
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    I suppose it would be possible for a cloud service to provide you with some sort of a boot disk that you could use to boot your machine with some minimal OS that would be able to connect to the cloud and restore a system image but that process could literally take days depending on fast your internet connection is and how big your system image is.

    You're better off with a local recovery disks as Mark Phelps pointed out.
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    If you could get it to work, recovery would go form 20 or 30 minutes to days. Definitely not a good idea.

    Backing up data in the cloud on the other hand is a good idea as it give you offsite protection of your data.
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    Thank you for the great replies! Excellent information. I never thought of USB.
    Much appreciated!
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Backing up to the cloud
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