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creating a boot up dvd

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    creating a boot up dvd

    new laptop during set up was not asked to create a boot up dvd, had a hunt around the control panel and the internet. Just cannot remember how to do it, can some one remind me please. w8.1 pre installed no disc supplied.

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    It may be possible that your laptop doesn't use a DVD to do a factory restore. Newer laptops have a recovery partition that is usually accessed by pressing a particular F key during boot. What is the Make and Model of your laptop?

    I personally recommend using a free program like Macrium Reflect to create a system image of your system after you have it setup the way you like it with the latest system updates, any bloatware removed, "must have" software installed, etc... Restoring to the way it came from the factory via the recovery partition brings you back to the point where you have to start all over again.
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    yes it has a recovery partition, but when the computer gets stuck in a bootup loop the keys will not work only recovery media like a dvd or usb has any chance.
    had this recently and at the time was not aware the boot up dvd i made when setting up w8 would not work in w8.1 it has to be done again.
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creating a boot up dvd
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