Hello folks.

I may of made break through with a previous problem of mine, so Im posting this on Windows Eight Forums and Ubuntu forums to get knowledge from both sides to confirm my speculation.

I had done a recent fresh install of Windows 8.1 a few days back and now I am in need of some help wih the Bluescreen of Death. Error - CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT. I have done some research and appears to be The specified processor is not processing interrupts. Typically, this occurs when the processor is nonresponsive or is deadlocked. ,

I am running Windows 8.1 on my Pavillion p7-1058uk, i7-2600 Processor (3.40 GHz, DMI 5 GT/s, 8 MB L3 cache) 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GEforce 520 2GB.

First off, I use to happily dual boot Windows alongside Ubuntu but a few months back after having to do a reinstallation of Windows and Ubuntu, I had a series of errors after errors after errors, just to get them working. Windows 7 at the time worked perfectly but Ubuntu and the Grub menu stuggeled greatly and this was on many linux distributions also, after a while even linux based OS's (even UBCD) on discs and USBs would fail to load correctly a lot of the time.

A lot of the time the Grub menu would freeze instantly not giving me a chance to choose any OS, when i did get them working, i used Ubuntu on USB and Boot repair disc to fix errors and reinstall grub frequently but no such luck. When Ubuntu did appear to load up it would stay at a blank screen or freeze at the logo OR would give lines of errors (admittedly I cannot remmeber them to this day) but one of them was CPU not responding to all my cores.

Since then I have zero my hard drive, updated the bios, used different versions of linux etc. All pretty much sam result, so to take a break from it and while I work it out I stuck with Windows as it works.

At the Bios, after installing Windows 8.1 it will not always but often fail to boot any device while stuck at the system information on screen, which has Never happened before the Windows installation. But two nights ago after installing all my applications and some drivers (one I believe for the CPU if I remember corrently), Windows update hadn't yet complete I clicked on Firefox then instantly both my monitors went blank then lost signl and could not get anything back, although my desktop was still running. With no choice I turned it off at the button, upon restart it started "Repairing my PC" I then had to do a system restore to the point before anything was installed so had to go through the same process of installing things again.

Now last night I went to bed while watching a video and fell asleep to that, I woke to the same problem, monitors had lost signal, upon restart, Windows had started to load up fine, but before the log in menu, the Bluescreen of death had appeared.

Now with CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT being a CPU issue, is it possible that these issues are possibly linked?

Now every time I boot into Windows the same Bluescreen of Death appears. Any ideas guys? Thanks!!