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How to add music libraries from another partition on osx

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    How to add music libraries from another partition on osx

    Hello I am unable to add my music library which is located in iTunes on my mac. I get the error message that it can't be indexed.

    The only solution, which is unsatisfactory is to download iTunes and add the library every time you add a song (it's not synchronous).

    So being that osx doesn't natively write to NTFS, but that I can tweak it to do so, will creating a third partition in the osx disc utitliity that is ntfs and devoted solely to my music library allow me access from Windows 8 (and hopefully mac not expecting an answer to that hear or on the mac forums)

    Thanks that is too much work for me to do if it just doesn't work

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    Windows 8.1/osx mavericks

    Spotify syncs the music. As when I add new music to iTunes on mac os it will update itself when I go into Windows.

    Smart question is what is going on here why does Spotify automatically update and index the files from the iTunes library. Is it because Spotify has read only permission?

    If so how can I give the music app read only permission?

    My original question stands can the xbox library read from an external partition? That would be less ideal because of backups the music wouldn't lie in either one of the systems.

    My dumbest question is can I just synch Spotify with Xbox music. I don't like Spotify I like the 8 app it's easier to use doesn't clutter my shit up.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.
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How to add music libraries from another partition on osx
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