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w8.1 upgrade stuck in bootup loop

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    w8.1 upgrade stuck in bootup loop

    did a factory restore on samsung NP700Z5C-SO3UK laptop, w8 went on ok, but when updating w8.1 at the end of install got stuck in a reboot loop says sinilar to encountered unexpected error needs to gater info and will start.

    cannot get f number keys to work to enter bios or repair or another factory reset. cold forced start brings back same loop when restarting, battery non removable, repair disc has no effect continues in loop.

    at a loss what to try, any advice please.

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    Any help here? Check section on how to get into safe mode.When Windows Update Fails, This Is How You Fix It

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    rmonroe thanks non of f keys work so f8 for safe mode, & delete key for bios just will not work, tried all the f keys in case one brought me back to repair or refresh ot tools etc but none worked.
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    Download windows 8.1 media and create a bootable USB or DVD - Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help during startup hit F12 and boot from new media.
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    laptop knacked been replaced, thanks all who helped
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    My Avast 3 machine license expires at the end of December. It may be good time to dump Avast and use Windows Defender.

    But short of a total reload how is that possible?

    In my duplicating the problem I've noticed that Avast gets pretty deep into the hard drive.

    For instance, Macrium Reflect booting from a CD/DVD does not load correctly when just pushing the reset button, it needs a total power off to boot correctly and run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KYHI View Post
    Download windows 8.1 media and create a bootable USB or DVD - Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help during startup hit F12 and boot from new media.
    I originally bought a "system builder's" win8 labeled OEM copy. Will my original 8.0 key work with this 8.1 update?

    I tried using my original 8.0 DVD to repair my updated to 8.1 and it said something like not valid?

    Just now I downloaded and made the disc, it booted and withot doing anything destructive to my PC it didn't ask for a serial number.
    currently my PC is fine but I tried choosing "fix booting problems" and it said it couldn't.??

    I've looked at many pages of threads here for answering if my original 8.0 number will work on a 8.1 update DVD but have not gotten an answer, just lots of conflicting information.

    thanks, JoBo
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w8.1 upgrade stuck in bootup loop
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