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Lag/Delay in Explorer when Renaming Copying Creating Files

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    Also try the link below, it's for the right click but also apply to other things with explorer:
    Right Click Menu Lag on my pc
    It seems none of the third party softwares are causing the issue. I disabled all and restarted explorer with fixed my explorer lag/delay issue. None of the software caused the issue again when enabling them one by one.

    I restarted the computer, and noticed the explorer lag/delay issue again. So I used ShellExView, but this time, I just restarted explorer but didn't disable any softwares. Restarting fixed the issue.

    The issue randomly starts again and restarting the explorer only temporarily fixes the problem.

    I am unsure what is causing this problem...
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    I tried all the steps and it didn't seem to fix the problem. However, one note is that I didn't disable my antivirus (ESET Nod32).
    Temporarily disable Nod32 and use the PC for a while to see if the problem goes away.
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    For me the culprit was windows defender. You can see the spike in CPU. Renaming two files causes it to delay. I made the decision to turn windows defender off. I no longer have that lag.

    Search feature put in win def
    window defender icon should appear
    click to open
    go to settings and uncheck "turn on this app"
    save changes

    The only reason I had this problem because I believed what windows says about doing a refresh. It saves files in your document and any original window or approved 3rd party programs. Any self installed programs are lost and you will have to start over. Thank you again for telling me that to late. So beware the refresh unless your desperate.
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    " have run into this particular behavior. The delay stems from Windows Explorer spending time generating media thumbnail previews in the background.

    To reproduce this issue:

    • Open Task Manager so you can monitor your CPU usage.
    • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to a folder of media where no thumbnails have been generated yet.
    • Try to delete a file. Watch as Windows takes 30 seconds to several minutes to "discover items" before prompting you to confirm deletion. During this process, notice how Task Manager shows high or maximum CPU usage dedicated to Windows explorer and a dllhost child process.
    • Allow Windows to finish it's thumbnailing process so the CPU settles to idle. After that, try to delete a media file again. Notice how the delete confirmation dialog appears immediately this time.

    This was an issue all the way back in Windows 98 for image files. The issue was corrected for 2000/XP. Looks like Microsoft let this particular bug regress its way back in. Way to go, guys!"

    -Try this.
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Lag/Delay in Explorer when Renaming Copying Creating Files
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