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Tagged files on a non Windows partition

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    Tagged files on a non Windows partition

    I've been tagging files on a 64 GB SSD Drive C: which is windows & using Windows Photo Gallery in windows 8.1

    I installed a 1 TB SATA hdd and partition get into E, F & G and transferring files and C: to G:

    I was going to ask if there's a way to see them in a search using tag names but just found out that I can add the folder to Windows Photo Gallery and it will work. That's good but it makes me feel like my control is limited. Especially if I decide to use that TB as an external hdd and other computers don't have WPG.

    Does anyone know of a third party program that works with tags regardless if it is on a windows drive or not?

    Thank you

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    Assuming you mean the tag field in the file's properties page, there shouldn't be any problem using that with any program that looks at that metadata. You can even use the Windows search to find programs based on their tag, it just takes a little extra work. Click in the search box on any explorer window and then the search tab that shows up. You'll find an "other properties" combo box you can click on with tags as one of the options.

    Even assuming you took this drive to another computer, as long as it's running a version of Windows that understands that tags field on the metadata, you should be fine. If you tried using it with Linux or a Mac, it's a coin toss at best.
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    Thank you for your help.
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Tagged files on a non Windows partition
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