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Black Screen on Lenovo n580

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    Black Screen on Lenovo n580

    I have a Lenovo n580 with win 8.1 installed. A few hours ago, while using it, the screen went completely black. I restarted by holding down the power button. The Lenovo logo appears, along with the circling balls to indicate booting, but nothing else. No desktop, no nothing. I tried the following instructions, but still have the same problem.

    1. I turned off by holding down the power button.
    2. Unplug, then remove the battery.
    3. Held down the power button for 3 minutes. Plug lap back in.
    4. Turn laptop on by holding down the power button (did not put the battery back in).
    5. Lenovo logo appears, circling balls to indicate booting, still have a black screen.

    I also use this laptop for work so I need to resolve this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    hello, the first thing I do when I have this issue is connect a computer monitor to the laptop ,boot laptop ,see if it shows your desktop on the monitor
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    same problem with me i tried a recovery and it's done.some time after a windows update my pc goes to black screen then after i tried to recovery
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    Similar problem with 8.1 on N580, fixed it with CHKDSK /F

    I have a N580 I don't use that much, I left it running & sitting on the shelf for 4 months, mostly out of curiosity to see what would happen. It was set up to download & install updates automatically, so I suspect it rebooted multiple times while sitting.
    I woke it up by touching the mousepad, the sign-in screen appeared, but the machine wouldn't respond to any other keyboard activity.
    1. Powered down by holding the power switch.
    2. Reboot, got the Lenovo logo screen with rotation, then the screen went black - and nothing. Lights indicated the MoBo was on, but the machine showed no other signs of life.
    3. Go back to 1.
    4. Repeated 1,2,3 quite a few more times, then at one point I was able to boot successfully, log on, register online for Win10 upgrade and installed a few more updates, then attempted to reboot. So back to 1 etc. a few more times.
    5. I was able to hit OKR key & got into the Recovery screen, but the program could not find my recovery partition & refused to recognize my rescue media. So no way to recover from the HDD. Repeated this step several times with slight variations, always the same result.
    6. Removed HDD from the laptop, installed it as a secondary drive on a different machine, then backed it up with Seagate Diskwizard. Got an error message saying something could not be read properly, I hit "ignore" and ultimately got a successful complete and validation of the backup. Backup was just in case the HDD was about to die completely.
    7. Ran CHKDSK /F on this HDD as an administrator. Many file labeling errors were found and corrected, more than a screenload of messages went by.
    8. Reinstalled the corrected HDD in the original N580.
    9. N580 then booted & ran normally. I then installed all remaining important updates, multiple reboots have so far been successful.
    I suspect some key files had been altered so that they couldn't be "found" at bootup consistently, and that CHKDSK corrected the problem. I have used CHKDSK /F before, but not in the last 10 years or so.
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Black Screen on Lenovo n580
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