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problems with freezing, and not refreshing. Please help

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    problems with freezing, and not refreshing. Please help

    So I've been having trouble with my laptop. I downloaded advanced warfare and after a few hours it froze on me. I waited 5 minutes and I powered it off by the power button. A hard shut off. I opened advance warfare up again and it froze again. I hard power off again. I tried again but then I ran sfc scannow. I said it found corrupt files but couldn't fix them. I then ran AW again. It froze again. but this time I got mad and slammed my fist down on it. I realized where I hit was on top of the HDD and once I did my computer restarted which showed I hit the HDD. Well I booted it up and I got the blue screen error starting up called unmountable boot volume. I looked at my bios and it said my HDD is there so it's not disconnected. Luckily it did a automatic repair and it fixed it to where it booted up. But now I get major freezes from opening some stuff. It happened randomly and it'll freeze for 5 minutes. I used CCleaner, Sfc scannow, I scanned my computer with AVG, I checked my drive for errors, and I restarted my computer because I hoped it might fix. It did not. So the last thing I needed to try is refresh my computer. I did, it got to 77% then it started up my regular booting screen. I refreshed it over an hour ago. Wtf is going on, I know I cojldnt have damaged my HDD. Please help.

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    just guessing of course,but seeing how it got worse after you hit it then its likely you did damage the HDD, good luck
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problems with freezing, and not refreshing. Please help
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