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Inactive Keyboard/mouse, Paranoid UAC activity.

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    Inactive Keyboard/mouse, Paranoid UAC activity.

    Hey guys, signed up here looking for some tech advice, :P everyone knows forumites know all the secrets. HP and Microsoft help services are frustrating anyway.
    Firstly, I've just set up a new windows 8.1 HP tower in the last week, before that I was on my old Vista, which taught me a lot about problem solving over the last few years, and made me a little tech savvy.
    It has worked a charm the last week, taken everything I've thrown at it, Foobar 2000 and an external HD with 400GB of music onboard, Battlefield 4, Firefox, etc. I hadn't got around to setting up a ful antiviral program, been working a lot. However, there have been no issues at all until today.
    Firefox locked up, began opening fresh blank copies when clicked on and every application was demanding UAC confirmation, behaving in the same manner, but not actively selectable. I also noticed at this point right click had ceased to function. The start button was also flickering, unclickable, so at that point I shut the whole thing down, because I assumed it was a system glitch to do with updates it obtained earlier today. It installed these updates and then restarted.
    After restarting it failed slightly and brought up a screen I didn't recognise, I assume the windows 8 version of the startup selection menu, at which point I asked it to start 8.1 normally, which up to the logon screen it did.
    The keyboard (A Razer model), ceased to function, and when I clicked or right clicked accessibillity options, the password box actually typed. When I finally got the onscreen keyboard up and logged it in, the keyboard was still dead although illuminated, and desktop including start button still flickering rather than highlighting, occasionally asking for UAC verification when asked to open an application, but dummying application windows that didn't actually do anything. Also, Onscreen Keyboard was unresponsive mostly and had Ctrl, Alt, Shift, etc optional selection buttons all on simultaneously and refusing to be disabled.
    SO, after that shpiel, I'd like some advice, to me I think this is probably software related or Viral, but I have very little experience or knowledge of the 8OS, and now can't even get the offending machine to login. I would just roll it back a day or so, but I don't know how on this OS, or if the keys will even respond if I try. Can anyone please help?

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    So again, what is your issue?
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    Hello, ShaggySquirrel. Welcome to Windows Eight Forums.

    It sounds like a virus causing havoc. Defender is on by default. Try a full scan first by typing Defender while on the Start Screen, open it in the results, check full scan, and start scan.

    If that doesn't fix it try: System Restore - How to Do in Windows 8
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    Thanks for the advice guys. have now narrowed the issue down to the keyboard, it was actually a malfunction due to either the hardware being faulty, or what I rather more suspect which is Razer Synapse and driver issues. It was pressing "Ctrl, Alt, Shift," all simultaneously about ten times a second, which was what was creating such bizarre behavior. Now I just gotta fix that bit.
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    OK good. Glad you got it narrowed down. Good luck.
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Inactive Keyboard/mouse, Paranoid UAC activity.
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