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Acer Legacy Boot Bug - Cannot boot anything

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    Acer Legacy Boot Bug - Cannot boot anything

    I have an Acer Aspire M5481T with a SSD 20Gb + 500Gb HD. When I bought it, I made it dual boot resizing it partition inside Windows and then installing Ubuntu. Ok, worked fine for last months. Now, after getting some bloatware that turned my dev tools broken, I needed to make a clean Windows installation. After playing around with its SSD, I opted to use the factory restore of the system. It gave me a "clean" Windows installation but, as expected, I lost grub as the boot manager. Trying to restore it, I changed the boot mode do Legacy instead of EFI. But now, I am not able to enter BIOS again, and I don't know which is the current boot order, as it only gets "frozen" in the Acer logo with options to enter Set-up with F2 or Boot Order with F12 (but no one of this options works). I tried to start with a Windows 8 installation disk, an Ubuntu installation disk or even a bootable USB (with Windows 8 and Ubuntu), but none of this options seems to be working. Anyone knows something I can try before attempting to send it to repair? Maybe a way to reflash or reset BIOS?

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    Try pressing and holding the Fn key, then the Function key (ie F2 or F12).
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    I got user manual for your model and it tells F2 is your BIOS key. You can also try F8, F9, F10 key with or without Fn Key for boot menu.
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Acer Legacy Boot Bug - Cannot boot anything
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