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Weird Option Change but No Way to Fix It?

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    Weird Option Change but No Way to Fix It?

    This has now happened twice to me in the last 4 months on my Toshiba Windows 8 laptop. I'm not exactly sure what I pressed, but it makes it so the screen resolution become much bigger and the computer game I was playing at the moment (MineCraft) was unplayable, as the game was just too laggy. I've looked through every setting but could not find the source of the problem. When this happened 4 months ago, after about a week, it fixed itself, but this time it is not. I know I am not supplying much detail, but at the time I could have pressed the "Fn" key, "Windows" key, "Left Shift", "Left Ctrl" "F2" or "F3". I wasn't exactly looking down at my keyboard when this happened. If you happen to know the solution or a way to fix the problem, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Maybe you're talking about the Magnifier ?
    "Start key" + "- (minus) key" zooms out your screen
    "Start key" + "+ (plus) key" zooms in
    You can turn it off via Control Panel > Ease of Access Center
    Click on "Start Magnifier" and reset it back to 100%.
    Click on "Make the Computer easier to see" and uncheck "Turn on Magnifier" then click Apply and OK.

    The other shortcut I know of that could affect the display is the Display Presentation Mode ( "Start key" + "P" ) : Presentation Mode - Change - Windows 7 Help Forums
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Weird Option Change but No Way to Fix It?
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