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No Legacy boot from CD-DVD - UEFI and Secure Boot are OFF

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    as I'm trawling for an answer before posting, I found this thread. I have the same problem where my Win8 HP pavilion won't let me boot from CD/DVD or USB.

    I have gone into the BIOS and firstly disabled secureboot, then enabled legacy boot, then changed the boot order in both EUFI and legacy BIOS to put the DVD & USB before hard drive/OS boot, and yet my two bootable media (a disc regenerator usb stick, and cd) wont 'take' and the laptop defaults to loading win8. THe dvd drive spins up but after a pause continues to load win8.

    I have tried the boot media on my legacy win 7 laptop and they both work fine, so the problem is with the booting win 8.

    My BIOS has cd/dvd boot enable/disable (obviously set to enabled but tried both out of frustration)
    network boot enable/disable ipv4/eufi (tried all combinations without success)
    the only other option left to try is 'delete all certificates' -> defaults to secureboot off, which I don't want to do.

    So in summary, I've tried everything and still can't use non-windows boot media.

    suggestions please?

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    Thanks glnz

    I've finally got it sorted, but straight forward is wasn't!

    I had to boot into BIOS and disable secure boot. Then enable legacy boot. Then enable cd/dvdrom boot. Then I had to change network boot (even though I wasn't booting from network) from EUFI IPv6/IPv4 to EUFI IPv4 which once enabled changed its name to IPv4 legacy, then I had to save changes, reboot pressing escape key and selecting F9 boot options then select inbuilt cd/dvd rom drive. Pain in the neck. They don't make 'em like they used to...
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No Legacy boot from CD-DVD - UEFI and Secure Boot are OFF
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