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Syncing or what doesn't MS understand about it?

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    Syncing or what doesn't MS understand about it?

    This is just about syncing in general.

    1. Outlook doesn't sync imp folders with Apple's iCloud. I've got the iCloud support stuff installed and on one computer it finally sync'd all the imap folders I've built up over the years, but on the other 2 no joy. Some are there, some are not with no rhyme or reason I can figure out.

    The 'modern' mail app sees all the folders just fine, but it is a much more simplistic email client. The biggest downside with the 'modern' version is flagging 'junk' email doesn't do anything but put the post in the junk folder. You need change that at, but even there the choices are not very flexible.

    2. OneDrive computer backups. One weird product from a sync standpoint. My Surface Pro shows up for awhile then just disappears for no reason. My desktop switches what shows up depending on whether I'm booted to W8.1 or W10TP somewhere along the line. And my Windows phone shows up sometimes and sometimes not.

    3. Skype - what a freaking mess! Can't import contacts from anywhere but Facebook on the desktop version, can't import from anywhere at all with the 'modern' version. At least the 'modern' version allows you to come to it via the 'People' app.

    The computer backup is one of the best ideas around OneCloud and W8 and W10. Makes recovering from a disaster that much easier. One saving grace for me is that all 3 computers are based on the desktop which is always there even if it can't decide if it is a HPBeats for a Winxxxxxxx machine.

    I've posted about some in MS support forums but the help there often makes one wonder just how much the official moderators actually know.

    Whew! Glad that's off my chest.

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    I've posted about some in MS support forums but the help there often makes one wonder just how much the official moderators actually know.
    Are Moderators required to know all about Windows or is their job just to keep track that the forums are being used as intended, adhering to the requirements/rules?
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    In the official MS support forums, the moderators more often than not, are the ones with answers. Most of the time, their answers are very good, but sometimes it seems they didn't understand the question. Quite similar to my experience with chat/phone MS support.
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Syncing or what doesn't MS understand about it?
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