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How to login to Windows 8.1 without using MS Account?

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    How to login to Windows 8.1 without using MS Account?

    This is very frustrating so please help me.

    My system -> Windows 8.1 , HP Laptop

    So I want to download some apps from Windows 8 App store but I found out that I have to sign into a Microsoft account to do it. So I signed into a Microsoft account and downloaded the Apps I wanted. Everything is fine upto this point.

    But when I restart my computer and login again I find out that I have to login with the Microsoft account and not with the local/offline account that I already had. This is very frustrating because my password is very long and I restart my PC a lot.

    So how do I login with local account but be signed into the online account at the same time(because I want to download the apps). Or is there another way to download apps from the Appstore without logging in the Microsoft account at all. Please guide me.
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    When you logged into the Windows Store it asked you to switch to a MS Account which you apparently did. You could have selected the option to sign into each app separately.

    Click image for larger version

    You'll now need to go into Accounts in PC Settings and switch your account back to a local account then go back into the store and select the option to sign into each app separately.
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    Thank you. My issue has been resolved.

    This is what I did (in case anyone has the same problem) :-

    • Disconnect your your Microsoft account at Settings>Account>Your Accounts
    • Go to the Store at Start Screen>Store
    • Go to the app that you want to install. For example : VLC
    • Select "Install" and when prompted for your Microsoft Account login and pass , STOP.
    • Instead select "Sign into each app separately" and type your Microsoft login and password.
    • BOOM. The App will be installed automatically !!
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    Great, glad you got it working.
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    Ya, I really hate this dual account hootenanny
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How to login to Windows 8.1 without using MS Account?
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