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Enabled features despite changed settings and regkeys

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    Enabled features despite changed settings and regkeys

    Hi all,

    First post here. I've been using, or should I say tweaking win 8 for a few day now and there are a few quirks that I can't seem to wrestle down. I prefer my OS very plain, no effects, animations etc.

    The two (or three) features that I'm having problems with right now is

    1) Delete confirmation dialog is enabled even though it is unchecked in recycle bin's settings.

    2) Aero Peek is enabled even though I have disabled it in Performace Options. If I rightclick at the right far end of the taskbar, peek at desktop is greyed out. If I rightclick the taskbar, and select properties "use peek..." is unchecked.
    DisablePreviewWindow in registry is set to 0.
    In Group Policy Editor there is no "Desktop" folder.
    I ran the bat-file at Peek at Desktop - Turn On or Off in Windows 8, but now I get a tooltip on top of the preview
    Since gpedit.msc is not included in this win 8 version I installed it according to this guide: Windows Cannot find Gpedit.msc Windows 7/8/8.1 - Fixed
    What am I missing!?

    3) Tooltips can't be disabled in this OS either


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    Do a bing search for 'God Mode for Windows 8', and create a desktop link. It will allow you to change a multitude of system settings, without having to search for the right menu or do all the right clicking and experimenting to find where to do them.
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    Cool, thanks! But aero peek is still not playing ball
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Enabled features despite changed settings and regkeys
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