Hey guys,

After I installed Windows 8 on my laptop after a fresh wipe, I installed everything else pretty quickly (drivers, software etc.) and on the same day I realized that I had some freezes once in a while. (and they only last for 5-10 seconds)

  • They can appear in chrome, Adobe, Windows Explorer etc. So there is nothing specific.
  • Also when I'm surfing on the internet, there seems to be a connection loss for a few seconds which is not indicated by the wifi icon (but all the open tabs stop loading for example)
  • And when I start a video file from my SSD (for example with MPC-HC) the video would stop every few minutes and then it fast-forwards a little bit and then it continues playing.

I've had a few connection loss problems with my wifi before (signal loss every 10 seconds) but I somehow fixed that by (de-)activating some network adapters and reinstalling the driver.


I have no idea that I could try so thank you very much for your help