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Remove from system tray driver apps with no hide option?

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    Remove from system tray driver apps with no hide option?


    Recently I had gotten an Asus Transformer FlipBook tp500LN that I really like except for a small fairly inconsequential problem:
    Click image for larger version
    I like to keep my system tray cleaner than a nun's knickers and always disable tray icons for graphics, trackpad, etc. Problem is that with this laptop the drivers for the trackpad (and a driver for apparently boosting the power output of the usb ports) have no option for disabling in it's settings anywhere I can find, and installing generic Elantech drivers seemed to reinstall Asus' smartgesture suite for some odd reason. And the intel drivers won't respect my settings.

    I don't want to disable these tray icons, only hide them. Is there a way to do this? thanks.

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    That up arrow beside the keyboard icon, when clicked, should have a Customize item on the panel that comes up. On that panel are choices for each item about Show icon and notifications, Hide icon and notifications and Only show notifications. You should be able to select one, for not showing in the Notification Area [renamed from System Tray of earlier versions of Windows] I'd choose the last one and only when something has to be done will it appear.
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Remove from system tray driver apps with no hide option?
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