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Another 8.1 boot loop issue

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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-Bit

    Another 8.1 boot loop issue

    Hello to all, I've tried fixing this myself but can't think what else to try. None of the forum posts or whatever I've looked at seem to fix this exact problem.

    What's been done:
    - Backup system image onto external HDD
    - Migrated entire internal HDD to new Samsung 840 evo SSD using Samsung's software that came with the drive. (System recognised the SSD as the new C: drive)
    - Deleted documents/pictures/music from SSD and programs from HDD

    - Restarted computer and startup repair began
    - System decides it doesn't work and reboot loop begins (It gets past the windows and ASUS logos and the "Press Del for BIOS" screen then decides to reboot)
    - Managed to get onto UEFI BIOS, boot priority set to optical drive, SSD then HDD
    - Can't get safe mode to work (which, frankly, is really stupid of UEFI. Unless there's a trick I'm missing?)
    - Tried restarting and booting from the Windows installation disk to get the repair install to work, it gets to the first setup screen and then reboots before I have chance to click "repair" or "install" or much of anything at all.

    Some Googling of the issue seemed to suggest trying to get another PC's windows 8/8.1 and "Create repair media" from it. Surely I'd get the same problem as with the install disk?

    I was thinking if I can just get into windows (somehow) then I can to a system restore from the backup onto the SSD and everything would be just fine, or am I being naive?

    Sorry I can't really provide screen shots.

    Thanks in advance to anyone sharing bright ideas!

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    See Post #2 in link below for getting into safe mode:
    how do I get into a looping 8.1?

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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-Bit

    Ah, that solution wasn't there yesterday. I'll give it a go. Cheers.
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    Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-Bit

    No, that hasn't worked either. Just goes back to the Automatic Repair and then the boot loop.
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Another 8.1 boot loop issue
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