Hi there

I LOVE Golf and was attempting to watch the Masters via the BBC Iplayer video stream. (Plenty of Proxies to get BBC outside UK !!).

I could get Audio but the video would only show a Green screen. This was working FINE before I installed Hyper-V so I uninstalled it -- guess what -- I could enjoy the Golf (Well done Bubba -- Fantastic shot on that final playoff hole -- and the Albatross).

Hyper-V performs fantastically IMO but if we are going to install it on a Workstation type of Host (Windows 8 CP) then things we usually want on a workstation like Video streaming MUST CONTINUE TO WORK. !!!!

VMware doesn't give the same problem BTW.

Another little niggle -- Hyper-V needs a "Virtual switch" to connect your VM's to the network -- no probs usually but if you are doing this stuff on a laptop usually you are using a WIRELESS connection.

The only way to get the virtual switch to work is to use Kari's (Thanks Kari ) tutorial on installing SUSE / UBUNTU and copy the bit about "Legacy adapters" -- then it works.

I know Hyper-V was designed initially for servers and these usually have a whole number of physical NIC's connected - no Wireless - but Ms if you are supplying something for a workstation then it *Should* work without causing problems in other areas - particularly in Multi-media video streaming -- as this is getting more used every day by "Normal" users rather than corporates.

So I now have 2 versions of W8 - one with Hyper-V and one without.

I know this is still a preview but Ms people do read these Forums with interest -- so if you are an Ms guy please have a look at this.