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Can You Set a Default Folder to Right Click and Save To...

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    Can You Set a Default Folder to Right Click and Save To...

    Hi Everyone - great forum!

    I use a Local Account on my laptop and am the only normal user. When I right click to save an image in I.E. and select 'save picture as' a window opens with the This PC>Pictures folder highlighted and ready to be saved to.

    I then have to navigate up to my Local User Account>My Content>Pictures folder to save each time. When you do a lot this is so time consuming.

    Is there not a way to tell Windows, when I right click 'save as', to go to the Pictures folder under the Local Account I'm using? I'd like to know as saving everything under This PC means anyone I let use the laptop can access the files I think..

    I've found info on similar things but not exactly this ( I want to avoid using Libraries if possible).


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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, soulsister.

    Administrator accounts can view your files.

    Usually one only needs to direct to the folder once initially, then it defaults to that folder after that until a reboot. I use libraries, so that may be true there only.

    Be sure to read and adhere to all warnings while changing the Registry!
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    I just drag the image to the Desktop them move it wherever I want it. 2 steps but seems quicker to me.
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    Why not use libraries though ? Is it because you have files already in custom folders ? Know that you can change the default path of each libary to any existing folder. Libraries are essentially shortcuts to whatever path/folder you want. They were made specifically for this, to speed up common tasks with your files. They are specific for each account so your files won't mix with other users, although an administrator will always be able to see them but that's true for any other file/folder.

    You can create your own custom folders in libraries, you aren't limited to pictures/music and such.
    Library - Create New Library in Windows 8

    You can redirect the library folders to any path you want (such as an external disk or another partition).
    Library - Set Default & Public Save Locations in Windows 8

    And here is another tutorial to speed up access to libraries :
    Libraries - Move above This PC in Windows 8.1

    On my PC, when saving pictures via libraries it automatically places them in the account's own libraries. It takes only a few clicks.
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    Windows 8.1

    Thanks for the suggestions - at first I thought the reg edit was exactly what I needed (if I was brave enough to touch the registry) but it says the fix only applies up to Windows 98.

    So Re: Libraries: If I get 'Libraries' to show in the Navigation Pane again, you're saying the 'Save As' window will open with the 'Libraries' directory highlighted? If I had more than one folder in the Library I'd have to designate one as the default save folder, but the actions would still only be: One click for 'Libraries' and then one click on the 'specific Library Name'? This would only save to my own user account?

    (I'm unclear as to the public save function and how to not use it...)

    I'm busy and didn't want to keep learning more about all the changes in Windows 8, it's taken too much already, that's why I didn't want to get into Libraries - but if I can save images to my account only with only 2 clicks each time to select the location it will be worth it.

    btw - I.E. does not open up the last folder I saved to... wish it did!!! Seems the only way I can get it to do that is to add the site I'm saving from to Trusted Sites, for some reason... and I'm not often at one site for long.

    Again, thanks for help
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    My apology for the Windows 95/98 thing. I didn't read on enough in the article. Wondering why they continue to post an article for an unsupported OS, though!

    Unfortunately my PC is down for the count, but I'm quite sure of the last folder saved as default using IE until a reboot thing. I don't think I'm going that crazy in my old age. Can anyone else comment on that?
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    It remembers your last location until you restart IE

    To Change the default
    Open up file explorer
    Go to the view tab and select options at the right hand side
    go to change folder and search options, then tick the box that says show libraries

    find libraries in the left pane, right click pictures and select properties
    click add and chose where you want the pictures to go to
    right click this newly added folder and select set as default save, click ok

    go back to the options at the top right of the explorer windows
    go to change folder and search options, then untick the box that says show libraries

    This should do as you want and you wont even notice the libraries are there, it uses them in the background, unticking the box for show libraries means it will just display the folder you set above and not the library location

    Just changed my default to desktop and this is what my screen now defaults to when saving

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8.1

    Sorry to hear about your computer...

    It must be that IE will remember the last download location IF you're using Libraries. Thanks for the detailed explanation - I'm sure I'll need it when I finish setting my Libraries up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by soulsister View Post
    Sorry to hear about your computer...

    It must be that IE will remember the last download location IF you're using Libraries. Thanks for the detailed explanation - I'm sure I'll need it when I finish setting my Libraries up!
    Thanks for that. I'll get it fixed sooner or later.

    It sounds like libraries is the solution. Please report back if it is?
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Can You Set a Default Folder to Right Click and Save To...
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