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Laptop fan sound

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    Laptop fan sound


    I bought a laptop 2 weeks ago and the fan was really silent until now (I always thought it is not running), and today I started hearing it, it is not running at full speed like when playing a game or using a demanding software, however it is quite loud and the buzz is really annoying when trying to concentrate for studying for example.

    Is it a hardware issue? Or something is doing it? at the time I'm writing this, the CPU usage is moving betwen 6%-10% so I don't think it's a about a background software. But maybe it's something else? I don't know.

    Please help this is driving me crazy it is just a 2 weeks old laptop and already this annoying fan sound that prevent me from studying properly.


    **UPDATE : I checked Task manager again, and suddenly I saw that the CPU usage is sometimes jumping to 60%+, and I saw that it is caused by Google Chrome. so I ended the task, and it did not close Google Chrome browser, but rather it told me in the Google Chrome browser that "Shockwave Flash stopped" so I guess Shockwave is causing it. What is it? Should I remove it?

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    Flash stopping can be caused by the website itself. You can look at current running processes for Chrome, by entering the following command in the address bar for chrome: chrome://memory-redirect/

    As for the fan, if it is running and can be heard. That means that the CPU is running hot and the fan is doing its job. If you are leaving the laptop laying on carpet or a bed. It can cause the unit to overheat.
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    As for the fan, if it is running and can be heard. That means that the CPU is running hot and the fan is doing its job. If you are leaving the laptop laying on carpet or a bed. It can cause the unit to overheat.
    I agree - to a point. For sure, I wish no-one EVER came up with the word "laptop" because a "notebook" should NEVER be operated on your lap, or bed, carpet, etc. where air cannot circulate underneath. So, if there is no hard flat surface to operate on, get a Notebook Cooling Pad w/ext. power supply. Powering the pad's fans with an external power supply (instead of through the notebook's USB port) does not increase the demands (and thus, generated heat!) on the notebook's battery and/or power circuits.

    Sadly, in the interest of keeping their pads light (notebooks are primarily for "road-warriors", after all), pads with external power supplies are often hard to find so you may need a notebook cooling pad like this one then use a small, lightweight USB wall-charger/adapter to power it.

    however it is quite loud and the buzz
    Your use of the word "buzz" bothers me as it could mean you have a faulty fan and bearings are beginning to grind away, creating a vibration (buzz). So you need to determine if the "buzz" is just normal fan noise from a fast spinning fan, or if the fan is bad. Because the notebook is just a couple weeks old, I do NOT recommend you disassemble the case, but perhaps take the notebook to a shop and have them listen too.
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    Itaregid, when I say buzz I mean the normal sound of the fan, I just really hate this sound.
    And I use my -notebook- on a flat wooden table so that shouldn't be the problem.

    What caused the fan to constantly operate at full speed was the Shockwave flash in Google Chrome, so now it is disabled.
    But now I can't watch videos and all sort of stuff in my browser so it's annoying.

    Is it a known problem ? That the Shockwave flash is causing high CPU usage for unknown reason?
    Maybe I should give a try to another browser?

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    Itaregid, when I say buzz I mean the normal sound of the fan, I just really hate this sound.
    Good and I understand you don't like the sound of fan noise. I don't like it either. But loud fan noise is better than an excessive heat situation.

    You might try uninstalling shockwave then reinstalling it. And frankly, I would use IE11 and see what happens.
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    What model is your laptop ? Most manufacturers have a users guide as part of the OS and an online forum to specifically address issues.

    Since you are within 30 days of purchase, you may consider having the store where you bought it do a check. Should be free.

    Another option is to download Speedfan which will tell you the temperature and speed of your fan. (Note: Reviews state some users have trouble with Speedfan). If your laptop is a Toshiba, this info is in the Desktop Assistant/PC Health Monitor.

    Almico Software -
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Laptop fan sound
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