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Shutdown shortcut does not work

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    Shutdown shortcut does not work

    I created a shortcut of shutdown.exe and placed it on the desktop. It doesn't work. Is there another way to do this?

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    try this
    If you find that you often need to do a full shutdown, and don't fancy using the command line every single time, create a shortcut on your desktop to do the job. To do this, right click the desktop, followed by "New" in the menu that appears. Then click "Shortcut" in the submenu that appears after that. In the dialog box entitled "Create Shortcut" that appears, type "shutdown /s /t 0" (without the quotes). Click the "Next" button. In the next screen, type whatever you like. If you don't know what to name the shortcut, type "Full Shutdown" (without the quotes). Then click the "Finish" button.
    Now when you doubleclick that shortcut on your desktop, your system will do a complete shutdown
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    This will work, however save yourself a lot of Grief and put Classic Shell on its free, configure it just like you liked it in win 7 or XP, the shut down button can be change to full complete shutdown by merely checking a box.
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    Hello Bill,

    In addition, here are some shortcut shortcuts for you.

    Shut Down Shortcut - Create in Windows 8


    Hybrid Shut Down Shortcut - Create in Windows 8
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    I used the Hybrid. Works great. Thanks to all for the advice. SOLVED

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    Glad we could help.
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Shutdown shortcut does not work
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