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Win8 USB boot BIOs issues allowing boot

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    Win8 USB boot BIOs issues allowing boot

    Hi all,
    I have an HP Elitebook 9470m for work with Windows 7 pro installed. I would like to be able to boot a personal copy of windows 8 from my external usb 3.0 drive (western digital elements)

    so i followed this tutorial:
    How to Run a Portable Version of Windows from a USB Drive

    and got windows 8 on my drive ok. Issue is im having really problems getting the option to boot from the drive to come up in boot options. Basically only the notebook hard drive and PXE are an option UNLESS i go into BIOS and mess about with changing boot settings to and from legacy to UEFI (with / without CSM) eventually on turning on and off it will give me the option to boot to my drive but its really hit and miss. when i get the option all boots into win8 no problem.

    any ideas to get this to work better? i dont really know the settings im changing and i know messing about too much in BIOs is bad!

    my external drive has 2 partitions, 1 for win8 and 1 for my other files both are NTFS. the laptop came with an internal mSATA which is all formatted to NTFS even system reserved. I tried creating a partition of FAT32 for boot and that hasn't helped. same behaviour.

    any help or pointers would be really much appreciated!

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    win 7 / win 8

    No one got any ideas? ive even tried updating the Bios and still does the same. ive got it down to a fine art changing boot mode, reboot, boot from external. kinda a pain
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    Isn't there a fast boot switch for BIOS in that machine, on mine (different computer ) is F12 during boot sequence with which I can choose BOOT device. If you leave first boot device in BIOS to be USB drive it should always attempt to BOOT from it but if it doesn't find it, it will go to next boot device and that should be your HDD. drawbacks are: it would take few extra seconds for BIOS to decide what to boot from or it might not boot if there is an USB memory present.
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Win8 USB boot BIOs issues allowing boot
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