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High idle disk and cpu usage

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    High idle disk and cpu usage


    I've had this problem for a while.

    After I stop using my computer, at the 4th minute mark of being idle something sets off. I always notice it when I work next to it because the vents rev up, it becomes loud, which means more wear and tear, etc.

    So first things first, open up the task manager and process explorer to see what's going on. However, as soon as I move my mouse (or give any input really) everything calms back down to 0% or 1% and I can't really see what's driving it. I still managed to snap this screenshot though.

    As you can see from it, BitDefender seems to be the culprit. But I don't understand why because even when I turn idle scan and auto-update off, the problem is still here. So it might not be BitDefender after all.

    I've also thought of Windows indexing and defragmenting services which were set to run at idle. Nothing is solved after switching both to off.

    I'd like to know how can I find out what process exactly is causing the CPU to rise, that is, high disk usage.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Just sounds like normal windows maintenance to me, mine starts off automatically after being idle for a few mns, they should settle down after a while, but as soon as you use the machine windows pauses the process

    Event viewer might also give an idea of what it is doing

    A way to see what process is doing it
    Disable screen saver if it comes on after a few minutes
    open up task manager on the process tab sorted by cpu

    sit and watch it for 4 mins and you should see which process is running
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High idle disk and cpu usage
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