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Cannot print pdf's in IE

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    Cannot print pdf's in IE

    When we navigate in Internet Explorer through a partner website that eventually produces a pdf report that we usually print, clicking on the print icon does not seem to work, the print dialog does not open. It has worked fine up until today.

    Doing the same in Chrome, it works fine. So it seems to be an issue with IE.

    When IE opens the pdf document, it appears in what I will call a "modified" IE window (since I don't know what it is really called) - it does not have the toolbars or favorites shown, just the url.

    When IE displays a pdf like this, what application is it using? Is there a pdf viewer built in to IE, or is it using the default pdf application, which in this case is Acrobat, or is it using Adobe Reader? (I am hoping that knowing what application is being used may help me troubleshoot this issue.) It is a desktop application, not a Win 8 app.

    Also printing a pdf file that is saved locally, using either Acrobat or Adobe Reader, works fine. It only fails printing pdf files that are opened in IE.


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    the IE that is opening the file is what is sometimes referred to as the metro IE app,it a win8 app [iam really not sure what its called but it is the ie you get if you go to start screen and open ie in there ] try going to control panel and default programs and setting IE to be default
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    Yes there is an issue with the IE Metro/Start screen app, when it comes to this. Try doing it from the Desktop mode. Also try using either Foxit or Adobe Reader to in Desktop.
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    Thanks for the replies. I see now that my post makes it sound like the Metro version of IE (I said there is no toolbar or favorites) but I am familiar with the Metro IE and this is not it. It is definitely the desktop version, just a slimmed down version of it that I see occasionally when websites display certain pdf's in IE. I'll make a screenshot next time I log in to that computer.

    Also we have to use Acrobat as the default pdf reader, she needs it to work on the pdf files.
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Cannot print pdf's in IE
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