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Windows 8.1 - Snap Horizontal?

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    Windows 8.1 - Snap Horizontal?

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    I use the Win-Key / Arrow-left / Arrow-right a lot. It's great!

    That snaps to 50% of the monitor, left and right.

    Is there a way to do it, top and bottom?

    You can do something similar with spreadsheet windows in Excel 2010 . . . View / Arrange All / Arrange - Horizontal

    If not, is there a program that does it?

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    Here's the Microsoft official page on Snap. At the bottom they talk about the keystrokes, but nothing for horizontal. Up is maximized and down is minimized.

    Snap - Microsoft Windows

    I tested it on Windows 10 and it's still the same.

    Don't know of a program that will interrupt those keystroke combinations.
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    Thx! That's cool how you drag it off the screen, let go, and it Snaps in Win 7. I wonder why it doesn't do that in Win 8.1. I use the Win-key, arrow-left, arrow right, for screen snaps, 50/50.

    No change in Win 10? Then, my impression is that you can only do the fancy snaps I saw in some vid, with the Apps.
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Windows 8.1 - Snap Horizontal?
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