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Lost all USB2/3 in Windows 8.1

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    Lost all USB2/3 in Windows 8.1

    I was gone for 5 days and I came back to NO USB's working. There were no power outages or anything like that. I called Asrock my board iis Z87 Extreme11/ac P1.10, and the told me to reset the Cmos.
    F2 to UEFI
    then F9 hit enter
    then F10 hit enter.

    That worked after I talked to them. Then today when I woke up its back to no USB. Now I've tried the above many times including not having any USB plugged in and I can't get the USB's back on. My Keyboard is connected to the old PS2 port so its not affected fortunately. Need some help please.

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    I'm trying to fix this. I called ASrock and they said that I'm still in Warranty and it sounds like the USB header is not working because I'm getting no yellow Exclamation marks in the device manager. If this is the case then I've got to send the Motheboard and they will replace it. DOES This sound RIGHT? If I do this then I will be without a computer for probably a week and 1/2.

    Any thoughts?
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    I suppose I would ask if anything else on the system was having problems. If all the USB ports are out, I would first remove all devices from those ports, which might even mean removing any motherboard to port connections or any thing else, such as Card Readers.

    But perhaps there is a problem with the power on those ports for some reason. Maybe the 5 v power is having problems.

    But if everything else is working, it doesn't appear you might have a choice. I believe what they had you do was to reset the Bios Defaults on that system. If it quit working after that, I don't know how anything in the Bios might have been changed to cause the problem to reoccur.
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    Maybe of some help. I have been testing Win 10 Preview and the same thing happened to me, came good with an OS reinstall. Just a thought.
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    I had a similar problem on my Dell 1545 a couple of years ago after a tablet tired to charge from one of the laptop USB ports. What worked to restore the the USB function:

    1. Turn off system.
    2. Unplug power cord.
    3. Remove any batteries (for a laptop).
    4. Hold the power button down for 30 seconds or 1 minute to drain any remaining power.
    5. Plug system in and try the USB ports.

    The above procedure restored function to my USB ports.
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    After talking to ASTROCK I had no exclamation Marks in my device manager. They said it was a bad USB Header on the board. They would replace the board. I had to send it back at my cost ($35 Fed ex ground or $100 2 day). They will send it back to me and they pay return shipping. I figure I won't be running for a couple weeks just because of shipping. They said all I would have to do is plug everything back in and I won't have to reinstall windows. Everything will work normal. I've never done anything like this, This is my first build. I hope I don't have any problems after its put back together.
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Lost all USB2/3 in Windows 8.1
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