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Mysterious pin icon on folders

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    Mysterious pin icon on folders

    So I was messing around with the various folder views in 8.1, when I noticed a pin icon in the upper right hand corner like in the screenshot below (ignore the arrow pointing to folder views; I had to get a screenshot from Google). Curious, I clicked it... and it disappeared. I thought maybe it pinned the folder to my start screen, but nothing was there. Anyone know what this mysterious icon does and how to get it back? Thanks in advance.


    Click image for larger version
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    If you minimise the Ribbon, and then click on a ribbon tab, the ribbon will appear, only until the mouse is clicked, Either on a ribbon option or elswhere on screen. The pin allows you to set the ribbon back to the normal of always being visible

    Windows Explorer - Minimize the Ribbon in Windows 8
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    If you click on it then select Change folder and search options, it opens the Control Panel Folder Options window.
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Mysterious pin icon on folders
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