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Strange Boot Issue

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    Strange Boot Issue

    I am running a VM of Windows 8.1 Evaluation Edition (but I don't think this is a visualization issue so please don't move this thread, as I think it would happen on bare metal as well.) I have over 50 days left, and the last two boot sessions involved changing a theme to "aeromod". On the last boot session, no changes were made.

    Upon bootup today, the logo screen loads and fade, but the logon screen NEVER appears. Instead I see the power symbol appear towards the bottom left intermittently. I have tried hitting a key, typing in a password, and hitting <enter> to simulate me logging in. But nothing ever appears.

    I tried <f8> to load safe mode but I could never do that (does 8.1 even have safe mode?). Has anyone ever heard of this issue?

    EDIT: I have managed to try Automatic Repair, and get in to safe mode. I cannot boot to safe mode, since it stops where the login screen should be. Also I am unable to complete SFC (including the offline method), as I get the error "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the operation."
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    That "power" symbol I said was flashing on once in a while was the "Internet Status" icon on the lock down/logon screen. That's all that appears. Is there any way to get to some sort of maintenance mode to repair this installation?

    Thanks everyone.
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    Sorry to bump, but I can't believe I'm not seeing any responses here. Everything I Goggled applies to blank screens following an update.
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    I ended up reinstalling Windows 8.1 Evaluation Edition after backing up my data. If anyone knows how else I could have gotten out of that problem (other than installing), I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    It's been a while since I needed to use safe mode to get into 8 when system will not boot, but one thing I remember was that if windows fails to load 3 times it automatically offers the safe mode/repair options

    So if you started booting 8 and crashed out of it 3 times you get recovery (shut VM while it's loading)

    Not ideal as its loading and could corrupt, but this should give recovery options

    Glad you are back working again now though
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    Yes you're right. I noticed that the only way to force the Auto Repair/Win PE boot was to restart the machine at least three times at the logo screen. And I was certainly worried about damaging files by doing

    Nonetheless, safe mode never loaded. I hope this doesn't happen on a production machine. One nice thing though; by reloading Windows fresh, I now have 90 days once again to use the Evaluation Edition. (sshhhhh!)
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Strange Boot Issue
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