I have about 4 chrome browser windows open with tabs in each of them and whenever I fullscreen a tab from any one of the windows, that chrome window with the tab that was maximized goes right into the last position of the 4 windows open.

For example, if I have chrome windows in this order:
[a, b, c, d]

If I fullscreen a tab in window 'a' and exit full screen, then the window order changes to:
[b, c, d, a]

I don't even have to play the youtube video; I just fullscreen it and exit fullscreen immediately and that window will go to the end of the order. Just for clarification, these aren't the tabs in the chrome windows, but the chrome windows themselves that are being repositioned, not the tabs.

I want to know if there was a way to keep my browser order so that I don't have to full screen every window until I get my order back to the way it was. I know this isn't a life altering issue, but it is really annoying for me because I have the windows in a certain order for my convenience. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!