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External 3T disk gets parameter incorrect msg

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    I wasn't referring to any drivers from Intel. The drivers from ASUS are the only ones I use and they have 8.1 chipset drivers.

    The AI Suite has caused problems in the past under certain conditions. Uninstalling it using something other than the ASUS uninstaller, may be involved in the current problems.

    If you are getting BSODs, attach the dump file if you have your system set up to use the small dump file option. Hard to say if these problems might be caused by some drivers you loaded, which I doubt, or the uninstall process.

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    One more thing, I notice you have two Mass Storage Devices. Are you using another external device?

    Because of your question, I just discovered Asus has released an X99 motherboard ...
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    Sorry for this very very late reply.
    I had decided to copy 3TB from external to the new desktop. To make a choice I reviewed prices and best harddrive reports. The 2TB Hitachi Ultradesk 7F4000 had good reports and MTBF is very low. So I bought two (internals) to copy the 3TB external data to. They came as GPT disk with 128MB Reserved partition. Didn't delete the reserved partition (Maybe I will). The 3TB external came also with a reserved partition. Difference besides the size is the offset the Hitachi 17KB and 3TB ext 24KB.

    I can't recall why but I connected the 3TB external to USB3 in backpannel and surprice surprice I had no problem.
    It turned out I have two different controllers for the USB3 ports. Asmedia xHCI and Intel xHCI controllers.
    My 3TB was connected to the USB3 with the Asmedia controller. The USB3 with Intel xHCI had still errors, tries to read the disk and disconnects the disk. Then it starts all over again....detecting disk etc etc.

    Loaded latest Asmedia drivers (Ver, Intel chipset (Ver and BIOS (Ver 2012). Didn't change behaviour.

    Maybe someone has an idea what caused this phenomenom. Will do a "fresh" GPT style setup of the 3TB external shortly (want to see it working on all USB ports), because the USB3 with Intel xHCI is more then 2X faster then the USB3 with Asmedia. The test was not exact, but gives me an impression of the difference in speed between the two.
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External 3T disk gets parameter incorrect msg
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