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Videos Folder keeps closing..Please help with suggestions

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    Videos Folder keeps closing..Please help with suggestions


    I have a folder full of iphone videos (short clips like a few seconds long or some a minute long etc).
    theres a few hundred videos in the folder as i was trying to sort out the hard drive and put all the videos together.

    But everytime i open the folder, it keeps closing. Have been trying to find solutions but cant find anything.

    Ive done a full deep scan and there is no virus. Also done a malware scan and has found nothing either.

    Please helppppp

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    hello ,did you use iTunes to take the videos off you iPhone
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    Quote Originally Posted by caperjack View Post
    hello ,did you use iTunes to take the videos off you iPhone
    hello thankyou for replying

    i didnt use itunees for the videos.
    i did the normal copy and paste with the iphone window exploerer

    but these videos worked as usual. its just recentluy when i decided to put all videos in 1 folder

    any suggestions?
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    At least one of your videos is corrupted which crashes Explorer.

    Try to change the view layout of the folder to Details in Explorer (Menu > View > Details).
    And disable thumbnails, here is a tutorial that might help : Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums

    This won't really solve your problem, but you should be able to access the folder without Explorer closing. You'll have to find the specific corrupted video(s) and delete them, or maybe reencode them if they are important and hope it will fix the video.
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    thankyou for the suggestions

    i have also converted the videos so this has helped me too
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Videos Folder keeps closing..Please help with suggestions
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