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2 Questions About Regedit & Bootable USB

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    I agree with David. Have been using Revo Uninstaller Pro over a year as I like to try out software. Revo will make a backup of the registry before it eliminates anything in the Registry. I never have had a problem with it but if I did there is always my Acronis image as a backup.


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    This is one reason why windows gets so slow and bloated with unused registry entries, i dont know why programs can uninstall everything it put it!
    Dos programs only went into its own directories, never shared other folders...
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    This is one reason why windows gets so slow and bloated with unused registry entries
    Sorry but while I don't personally disagree, there is no definitive proof showing unused registry entries affect performance in any way! And why should they? Entries are not accessed sequentially. That is, if Windows needs data from line 100, it goes directly to line 100 - it does not have to read 1 - 99 first.

    If you look, pretty much the only people making such claims are the makers of the Registry cleaners and "system optimizers" that claim to make your computer perform "better than new!"

    The reason I use a Registry cleaner to ensure no corrupt entries remain behind - as might happen when an uninstalled printer or graphics driver fails to totally uninstall completely, potentially corrupting the install of a new printer or graphics card. Anti-malware solutions can also be problematic - especially the big commercial "suites" like Norton and McAfee.

    i dont know why programs can uninstall everything it put it!
    Some is simply lazy programming. But some is due to the "hooks" some programs (notably drivers and security apps) set during install that cannot be "unhooked" while Windows is running in "normal mode".

    This is why many experts recommend booting into Safe Mode to uninstall programs to remove more, if not all of those hooks completely. And I agree with that recommendation.
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2 Questions About Regedit & Bootable USB
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