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BSOD, firewall, update issues(sorry, can't classify them)

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    BSOD, firewall, update issues(sorry, can't classify them)

    First I will just throw away everything I know about each problem. Also ask me any details needed I will post it here for the sake of getting my PC sorted, Cause i can't use it for one full day with no problems and i seriously can't tell what's wrong, sry for the long introduction

    1 - Problem: Firewall keeps Shutting down like so Click image for larger version when this happens no internet activity starts, so basically only the ones that were running are ok, so Skype cals are grand, in game is grand, But nothing else runs, Chrome, Skype(Does the reconnecting sign), Online games don't load, Nothing connects to the internet. So basically whenever the internet stops..I launch this window and click it again so it runs smoothly again.

    1 - What i tried doing:
    I was told it might be a Virus, or a malware, So i installed Malwarebytes scanned the whole pc and cleaned it, installed and used Registry cleaner, scanned PC using Security essentials software. and still the problem exists.

    2 - Problem: BSOD and i am really sorry i don't have the Code cause it just shuts down fast enough, i can't seem to get it, but please tell me if there's anyway i could get it from the logs or so on. *EDIT* i got the code : DRIVER_IRQL_Not_less_or_equal(tcpip.sys).

    -I also got 2 most recent Dump files :
    -Speccy Snapshot :
    -Minitoolbox with the following info -list last 10 event viewer errors - list installed programs - list devices -list users, partition and memory size.

    2 - What i tried doing:
    I tried Checking Event viewer and going through the errors and i actually found more than 200 errors in the past 24hrs ONLY, and I tried tracking down and Googling each and everone but every post has some Info related to the PC itself which wouldn't apply to mine, so am here looking for help please.

    3 - Problem:
    I just noticed that i haven't had any windows update over 6 months now, this includes the 8.1 update(I can't download it, doesn't connect). Also on the updates/Settings page it says " never checked updates ". I tried clicking check updates button but it takes forever and sometimes it says " there was a problem checking for updates ".
    Click image for larger version
    If i happen to ALT+TAB and come back again i find a different thing saying " we checked for updates today and no important updates, we will check daily "

    I am really sorry if the thread is too big or if something is missing/Wrong with it. Let me know what to if there's anything with it and help me with the issue.
    Cheers for your time.
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    I would say that you most definitely have a malware and/or virus problem. Simply scanning with one malware remover and probably the single worst AV program when it comes to detection rates, isn't going to help anything. You then compounded the problems by running a registry cleaner. The registry doesn't need us to maintain it and no good tends to come from it. Best case scenario is usually that nothing happened.

    At this point, you'd probably be best served by simply blowing the whole install away and starting fresh. Trying to sort this mess out will almost certainly take you far longer and be far more of a pain than reinstalling everything. Restore it back to factory condition, make sure that Windows Update is your first stop to get all the security updates needed for the 8.1 update and then after the 8.1 update it's back to Windows Update to get all the rest. AFTER you've done all that you can start adding back in your selection of programs and what not.

    Along the way, I'd make sure to change all passwords and watch things like credit card activity very closely. It might be an overreaction, but better to be watching your credit cards and what not for fraudulent activity that never comes than be caught unaware.
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    Ok I will most likely do that..First of all thanks for your time and the reply lad, and second, if i got everything i want On other hard drives(Other than the C) it would be ok right ?! if not then what should i do.

    The process says i need the Disk/Drive for it ..And i dnwloaded it ..I didn't have it on a drive what do i do. ?
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BSOD, firewall, update issues(sorry, can't classify them)
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