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W8 Stuck at Attempting repairs

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    W8 Stuck at Attempting repairs

    Hello, first time at the forums.

    I am running windows 8.1, while watching a Youtube video i got a bluescreen, i cant remember any error code or such but i remember it was stuck at 100% forever so i decided to manualy shut down my PC.
    After i started it back up again it entered "Attempting repairs" which it failed at, then i got a new screen where i had some options to chose from, i tried every one of them such as system restore but none of them worked, only one i havnt tried yet is "Reset your PC".

    I searched google a bit and found this guide: Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot - Windows 7 Help Forums

    I ran Windows Defender Offline, for about 8 hours it scanned and it found some viruses i dont have the log but it said it was succesfull at removing them, however it didnt change anything, still stuck at "Attempting repairs".

    I did get another screen a few times when starting the PC which just said that windows couldn't start and asked me to insert the windows CD, which i dont have.

    A weird thing i noticed was that when i opened the command prompt from the advanced options in automatic repair it said that my drive letter was "G" so it said "G:\Windows" but i know i installed windows to the C drive, i removed all my other HDDs and made sure my SSD(which i installed windows to) was properly plugged in and started the PC, after that it said that my drive letter was "X". And now i can no longer do a system restore, it say "No restore Points have been created".

    I am sorry if this is little information to go on but it's all that i can think of right now. Appreciate your help.

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    Um, sorry what happened to my posts? And the other replies in this thread?

    Edit: No idea what happened to all the post in my thread but atleast i did manage to rescue my PC.

    Solution: Seems like i had to install another HDD, install windows on it and then format my SSD from there, then install windows on it again and format my old one.
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W8 Stuck at Attempting repairs
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