when i start my PC i see the circle (dot) loading. That goes fast to the next step and then my screen goes black for 20 seconds.
My keyboard and mouse are off then. Sometimes is can happen that the keyboard goes on, still the black screen stays.

The black screen is not as back as when the screen is off. You see light trough it.

I'm using Windows 8.1 and tried:

- Checked error log in event > could not find anything
- Remove AMD drivers > same issue
- Unticked all non-windows services
- Unplugged mouse and keyboard > same issue

Where can i see what is making i load so slow. I worked fine yesterday, only this morning the problem started.


i5 2500K
7970 AMD
SSD from crucial installed.

Thanks for the help!


EDIT: So this is quite embarrassing... I found out that Bitdefender could not be removed from non-Windows services so i completely removed Bitdefender and the issue is resolved...