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Switching interface to old version

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    Switching interface to old version

    Someone told me that clicking somewhere on the lower left or right of the desktop will give me the more familiar Windows 7 or XP view. Is this true? Details please. Thank you so much.


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    Need more info than that? What exactly do you want to do? Is this true? No I don't think so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerT View Post
    Someone told me that clicking somewhere on the lower left or right of the desktop will give me the more familiar Windows 7 or XP view. Is this true? Details please. Thank you so much.

    Classic Shell or Start8 are two of the options you would be looking at.
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    If you are clicking to the extreme bottom right of the screen beside the time/date of the taskbar just minimized what was on the screen, click again and it maximizes.
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    If the feature is enabled, hovering your mouse pointer near the lower left corner should make a Windows icon appear that you can then click on to switch between the Desktop and W8 Start Screen.

    If you don't like the new Start Screen in W8, then I agree with checking out Start8 or Classic Shell. I use Start8 to make Windows 8.x boot directly to the Desktop and bring back the W7 Start button. It cost $5, but IMO, well worth it.
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    A. I just recently switched to Windows 8.1 when I bought a laptop. I hated it for two days and then discovered I could work as I did with Windows 7 except for shutting down. I boot to the desktop and all the programs I use are listed on the Taskbar just as in Windows 7. If I want to go to the screen with the Chicklets I can click on the lower left corner and go there.

    I am glad I didn't switch until Windows 8.1 was here. Microsoft did respond to, in my opinion, to legitimate complaints.

    The greatest ability of humans is adaptability. That's why we can live, literally, anywhere on earth. But, asking people to adapt to a new program does see to stretch that ability in some.
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    Hi Roger, welcome to the Eight Forums.

    See if this tutorial can give you some tips: Windows 8.1 - Make it Look and Feel like Windows 7

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Switching interface to old version
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