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Custom PC won't wake from sleep randomly

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    Custom PC won't wake from sleep randomly

    I have this issue for more than a year.

    I have tried many things including updating windows, updating drivers, rolling back drivers, uninstalling programs, etc. I have a sneaking suspicion it might be my Nvidia Graphics driver as that has had issues before.

    Problem is when I put the computer to sleep, my monitors turn off and then randomly the pc will try to wake (probably some device triggers the wake) but then fail without displaying any info on the screen. I will then have to manually power down the pc and power on again.

    I have attached the logs as per the instructions. Sincere thanks for helping with this.
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    Just commiserating with you but I end up turning Sleep and Hibernate off to avoid problems such as you are seeing. I'm on my computer more frequently that most and don't need the hassle of having to reboot every time I need it.
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    Turning sleep and hibernation off does not fix the problem. It should work fine and does for the vast majority of nearly 1.4 billion Windows users out there so they don't have to reboot every time they sit down at their computer.

    Have you scanned for malware?

    You have a lot of stuff running and many of them have autoupdaters. You might want to look at them - ESPECIALLY Window Media Center and make sure it does not have "wake the computer if needed" set to enabled. Google updaters have been known to cause problems too. If you don't visit sites that need Java (and most don't) or play games that need Java (sadly, many still do) uninstall Java. Most users don't need it, but if you do, you will be prompted to install it again.
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Custom PC won't wake from sleep randomly
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