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Disk Manager shows 4 empty partions

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    Disk Manager shows 4 empty partions

    My computer is a Sony VAIO with Windows 8.1 and is less than 7 months old. While looking at the Disk Manager today I realized that not only did I have 5 partitions which is annoying in itself but it appears 4 of them are empty. I made a Recovery Disk when I first got it and had to use it several months ago. Could that be the issue? Here is what it shows (if I did it right).
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    They are not empty. This is what happens when you upgrade a Windows 8 machine to Windows 8.1.1. One Recovery partition is for Windows 8, the other is for 8.1.1.
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    970 MB (OEM Partition) – OEM manufacturer files.

    840 MB (Recovery Partition) – This partition contains Windows Recovery Environment tools and utilities, allowing the user to repair problems that affect the system drive.

    260 MB (EFI System Partition) - Bootloader, drivers used by firmware at boot time, etc.

    24.73 GB (Recovery Partition) - This partition contains the recovery image that would be restored to the system drive if the Refresh or Reset option in Windows 8 is used.
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    Question: If the data is there then why does it show that they are 100% Free Space?

    Example: Healthy (Recovery Partition) Capacity: 24.73 GB Free Space: 24.73 GB % Free: 100%

    Sum Ting Wong!
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    pcgeek11, Gonna need to know that before I can mark this as solved and basically y'all are telling me I need all of these?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ckw369 View Post
    pcgeek11, Gonna need to know that before I can mark this as solved and basically y'all are telling me I need all of these?
    Configure UEFI/GPT-Based Hard Drive Partitions
    Sample: Configure UEFI/GPT-Based Hard Drive Partitions by Using Windows PE and DiskPart

    I thinks these two links will explain the UEFI Partitioning scheme, you upgraded to 8.1 from 8 therefor you have an extra recovery partition.
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    I just upgraded a Gateway 8.0 to 8.1 and got more partitions but on my slightly older Custom I have only 3 partitions doing the same upgrade path, looks like the age of the computer [newer technology, BIOS] changes the scenario.
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    As was mentioned, they are not empty and as are genet illustrates. If you need proof, look at them using a third party utility, such as Partition Wizard, or Paragon.
    There is even a partition on the drive you do not see.... But any UEFI Windows 8 install will create at least 4 basic partitions. The OEMs throw in a couple more for their Factory image and special procedures for restoring your system.
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Disk Manager shows 4 empty partions
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