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Now that we've had some time to use Windows 8: Wish list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lehnerus2000 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I just thought of this one, minimize windows in Desktop as one would in a metro app. I find that grabbing the top of an app and dragging it down is nice and fast and quite fun. When I go to the Desktop and have multiple windows open, I sometimes do that. It doesn't do that. It should do that.
    That would just encourage MS to eliminate the half a dozen or so methods, that you can already use to minimise Windows.
    This is true, but it would promote more unity throughout. I can do that in a metro app to close it, I can do that in Desktop to minimize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by area 66 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post

    -Hyper V needs SERIOUS work!
    I figured by this time, Hyper V would be matured more, not the case, not one bit. I couldn't even get Windows 8 to be working correctly, or 7. I hear vista works fine
    You use Hyper-V the wrong way, this is not something to use like VMware WorkStation, Hyper-v is good as it is, I don't know what you do wrong but I have 0 problems to install XP, Vista, 7 and 8 on ......, first of all I don't know what Microsoft as in mind to include Hyper-V with Windows 8 , Hyper-V is a server product. it's a real good one.

    Microsoft leave Hyper-V to IT peoples.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I also don't understand why I can't go full screen, a full environment, in a VM. This needs to be fixed, VMware is still my choice for virtualization so far. Hyper V needs to meet that standard or better.

    This is because you don't understand the fact that Hyper-V is a bare metal server host VM solution, you compare it to an OS host solution like VMware WS , Hyper-V is the equivalent of VMware EXSI , it's not design to host Windows 8 , it's design to host server that you admin from a remote desktop.
    If you use Remote Desktop Connection Manager to access the VM , you have the sound and also the choice of resolution, Hyper-V is design for servers room, you don't physically access those servers you remote access them

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    . Also, within a VM, I'd like to be able to access the host's files. This can be done with a networked drive in the VM, but I'd like to see a simple logging on to the host from the VM. For example, I could go to My Computer, find under the Media Server tab, and click on my host's PC name and enter in the credentials for a user, and log in and access files. !

    Again you don't understand the use of Hyper-V, this is for security reason, you don’t want cross contaminated VM with a virus. VMware EXSI don’t allow paste and copy between VM too. Again Hyper-V as no place in Windows 8 , Microsoft do so to attack VMware, MS don’t like see other succeed, they want everything for them. Aside you will not be able to install legally, a server in VM host by Windows 8 , I’m pretty sure it will be against the license.

    this is an exemple of how we use Hyper-V; We use SCVMM to manage the Host, the VM and Remote Connect them, Hyper-V as never be design to be use like VMware WorkStation,

    I obviously don't know what's going on because I've even gone through tutorials and have done everything to a T and Windows doesn't work all correctly.

    Theoretically, Hyper V was put into the client OS of Windows to maximize compatibility. If you can't get an app or a device to work correctly, the easiest solution is to virtualize it. This is where VMware works over Hyper V at the moment. I get that Hyper V is intended for servers, but I never really realized that Microsoft isn't taking a server product down to more of a consumer orientation.

    I suggest VM to host access because I do frequent file transfers between the host and VM. I could copy and paste it over, but that takes my limited space on the VM's virtual drive. I find it's easier in VMware to network a folder on the host drive to the VM so I can have FULL access to my files. I also use STD protection in the VM as it's connected to the internet, and for security concerns as well.

    My main wish is to have Hyper V to be designed in the client OS of Windows 8 to be easier to work with, as any random viewer of your post wouldn't even know what half you're saying. If Microsoft is to take a server product and put in into the client OS, it has to translate down appropriately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Hi there
    Nothing against Metro but please "De-uglify it" and make tiles cutomisable.

    User (non Metro) applications don't need to generate zilliions of tiles --and for easy navigation why sor example cannnot you click on say the Main tile or top level tiles and if there are sub objection then these tiles cold ve viewed as a Pop out from the main tile. I don't want to scroll leftwards for 3,000 items !!!!.

    The OS should be able to tell eassily enough if it's running a metro or "standard" application.

    Windows to go to be available to "Non Corporates" and allow OFFICE to be installed without forever requesting activations.

    Otherwise it seems to do the job fine.

    Speaking of such, I'd like to see more of a Windows Phone live tile, where a tile has an active mosaic of information and pictures going.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post

    Theoretically, Hyper V was put into the client OS of Windows to maximize compatibility. ......

    My main wish is to have Hyper V to be designed in the client OS of Windows 8 to be easier to work with, .
    Microsoft make a big mess including Hyper-V roles to Windows 8 , same mess they did including metro to the servers, they seems to be very confuse, they really panic with the fact that 850,000 Android new phones are activated every day.

    First I have to say that VMware WorkStation is the OS hosted VM solution that I use and prefer, but for Servers I prefer Hyper-V, also it's important to know that VMware as many products, WorkStation and Player are Desktop Product, ESXi and vSphere are for Servers , Same with MS, they have Virtual PC for desktop and Hyper-V is for server.

    So , they can't make Hyper-V like you ask, because it will be useless for the application it was design for. Microsoft as to improve Virtual PC, this is their equivalent to VMware WorkStation. Forget the idea to adapt Hyper-V, MS will never do it, they need it to compete with VMware, Citrix, and even now Intel in the Virtual Server market, this is a big share of the market. MS own only 36% of the Servers market, they need their Hyper-V to survive in it. Big box like Google, Amazon and co. use Linux servers, Microsoft is more present in the Small and Medium business, and frankly, I prefer Hyper-V than VMware Vsphere for it, it's far more easy to extract the VHD from a Hyper-V server than a EXSi one ( VMware) , if the motherboard die as exemple.

    The part you don't understand, Hyper-V is not integrated to Windows, it's install under the Windows Kernel, between the physical hardware and the VMBus look at the picture, you will see the parent partition ( Windows 8 ) and the Child partition ( a OS in a VM ) are separate, the VM don't run over Windows

    On Vmware WS the virtualisation layer is over the Kernel of Windows, so it'S why you can share betwen the VM and the Host

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    Hi there
    I can't see any problem with having Hyper-V in the Windows 8 OS that can be used as a desktop application -- This should compete with VMware workstation.

    Virtual PC is too old and too MS related --in fact it doesn't even officially support non MS GUESTS (although with a bit of "poodlefakery" you can I believe to get Ubuntu to run on it. It also requires that a user be logged on to the HOST to start up any VM required too.

    VMware PLAYER doesn't have enough features if you need anything more than to be able to use a GUEST OS from your main host.

    If you need to set up some VM's and be able to logon to those remotely without having to logon to the HOST machine then HYPER-V seems a good solution - even for a desktop user.

    Of course for SERVERS that's a totally different issue -- but I can see the need in a very small network say 3 or 4 PC's who wish to access personalized remote W7 machines having a bog standard W8 workstation that can be used as a normal workstation but also hosting say 2 or 3 VM's.

    In really small environments or homes you don't or probably won't have an IT dept anyway -- usually there's "the one person" who just does all this stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    .......Virtual PC is too old and too MS related --
    this is why I say they have to improve Virtual PC and leave Hyper-V for the servers, or just release a new one. Hyper-V is garbage compare to VMware Workstation when use with Desktop OS like Windows 7, poor choice of resolution, no sound and you don't even have 3D acceleration with it, this is not design to run desktop OS, it's design for run Servers OS. I have 55 business customers who run their production servers in Hyper-V, I really like the fact you simply backup a folder and you can just put this folder in a new server in case of hardware failure of the first one, it's make a disaster recovery in few hours instead of days, that's if the customer as no fail over clusters of course.
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    Windows Needed Fixes

    1. Non-disappearing scroll bars
    2. Minimize, maximize, exit buttons for any app window
    3. Ability to change app window size and put it anywhere on screen
    4. Ability to have multiple windows on screen at same time and at different sizes,
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    Better customization on the Start Screen, basically MORE colors or having a color slider. If I can make my Desktop have a good deep shade of red, the Start Screen should match that to the RGB.

    It'd be interesting to see smaller tile sizes like in Windows Phone 8.

    Allowing certain sound events like sign on and signing off.


    I wonder how windowed metro apps would look.
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    I want the option of completely ignoring Metro and starting to a desktop that has at least all of the features of Win7. Then, I can fiddle with fluff when I want by opting to switch to Metro. It would be nice if switching back and forth did not require restart.
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    One word....


    Give it BACK!

    The lack of it is my one big hate!

    The RTM is SO bland!

    They should have made the RP the release version.

    Or, better, de-bugged the CP and released that.
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