The back story:
Alright, so a while ago, I was managing my email using the Windows 8 Mail application (the metro style app). I went into my junk mail folder and discovered something that should not have been there. Trying to change the folder in which the email was stored, I pressed the "mark as junk mail" button (thinking that, since it was already marked as junk mail, it would mark it as "not junk mail"). In doing so, the application created a secondary junk folder. Next, I navigated to the new junk mail folder, but all it does is constantly load (never shows anything). I do not know how to remove the second junk folder (no luck after searching the internet - also the folder does not show up in the browser when I navigate to I considered uninstalling the application and re-installing it, but when I go to uninstall it, it requires that two other applications be uninstalled as well. To avoid this, I decided to manually go into the folder where the application is located and fix the problem (I was unsuccessful - but that is not the topic of the post).

The problem:
When gaining access to the "WindowsApps" folder (a hidden folder located at C:\Program Files\WindowsApps), I was required to change the permissions on the folder. After a while, I realized that the "Netflix" application no longer will start (it stays at the splash screen and the computer beeps at me). Realizing that "Netfilx" uses proprietary data, I immediately made the connection that it is probably related to the changes that I made to the folder permissions. I have tried many things to restore it to it's previous state, but I cannot manage to make the "Netflix" app work again. The most progress that I have made toward this goal is that when I remove myself from the permissions list (I was never able to remove myself completely - when applying the permissions to subfolders, it says "permission denied"), "Netfilx" will respond (i.e. it will do something different - it crashes).

Any suggestions on how I can fix this problem would be appreciated. Also, restoring the system is not an option, because when trying to fix the problem myself, I created a restore point so that I would not mess things up anymore than I already did. After trying to fix it myself, I deleted all the restore points.