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Shortcut keys not updating to new settings

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    Shortcut keys not updating to new settings

    I just bought my first Windows 8 laptop, a Lenovo e540. Above the dedicated number pad is a key with a calculator printed on it. Pressing this key of course brings up the 'Calculator' program that comes with Widows. I however strongly dislike said program and have no intention to use it. Instead I aim to have this calculator key open up my preferred calculator, which at this point is SpeQ. So I created a shortcut for SpeQ and in the shortcut panel of the properties window I set it to the calculator button (which says its "ctrl + alt + F" in the shortcut box). I then found the shortcut for 'calculator' and set the shortcut key to 'None'. BUT... even after double checking that the settings were as intended and restarting the computer, the calculator key still opens up the old program. Additionally, despite "ctrl + Alt + F" appearing in the text box next to shortcut key, typing this opens neither program. What's going on?!

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, dtoconnell.

    This is most likely all set in your keyboard driver program, so probably difficult to override. Is there anything in your manual or on the Lenovo site about the subject?

    Is there a keyboard program listed under Lenovo in apps screen?
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Shortcut keys not updating to new settings
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