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Media Center Auto Update Disable?

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    Media Center Auto Update Disable?

    Complete newbie to Win8XX---forgive me for that alone please?

    Running an HP machine with Win8.1 Pro, almost NEVER connected to the web, used only to record antenna TV broadcasts via Hauppauge tuner cards.

    My issue is wanting to go and stay in sleep mode but MCUpdate engages about 3am every morning bringing it out of sleep mode and never returning. This is most probably due the auto MC update as its looking for an internet connection but can't find one.

    How do I find and disable that auto update feature? For the time being its simply unnecessary.


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    This site may help although written for Win 7 the principals remain for Win 8
    Windows Media Center Updates - Enable or Disable Waking Computer - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    Thanks for that link---very informative all the way 'round!

    As it happens I finally stumbled onto the automatic updates section of the affected PC and disabled the MC Update feature.

    The link did give me a command prompt to check for last wake up event---I'll run that as soon as I know how to give myself administrator privileges.
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Media Center Auto Update Disable?
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